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With all the tablet developments recently, what we’re seeing is not only growth in enterprise spending because of tablet adoption by consumers but additional products and services are seeing a boost as well.

Novatel Wireless’ suite of embedded modules provides solutions to integrate high-speed data connectivity into notebooks, netbooks, tablets and other portable entertainment devices.  Commercial availability of the express notebook line is expected in this final quarter 2011.

U.S. Cellular launched its first smartphone running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 program, the HTC 7 Pro.   The device promises to be the first in a series of windows based products. U.S. Cellular said that by year-end it will release seven new smartphones running Google’s Android platform (including one LTE smartphone), two tablets as well as the 7 Pro.

U.S. Cellular, which operates in 26 states and counts around 6 million subscribers, will sell the 7 Pro for $199.99 with a two-year contract and after a $100 mail-in rebate.

For Microsoft, the expansion into the Tier 2 carrier space is certainly a welcome sign as its Windows Phone platform matures. Microsoft has planned a strong overseas push in the second half of the year for the platform, and could get additional service from Tier 2 carriers within the United States.

Along with all this progress, connection speeds and connectivity tend to continue to be troublesome.  There are now cell phone boosters available to get (and keep) your connection through services such as Wilson Electronics from about $150.  The reviews are still coming whether it works well enough to justify the cost.

About Wireless Toyz

Named a “Wireless Superstore” by journalists across the country, Wireless Toyz offers cell phone users a unique retail environment where they are able to pick and choose different mobile packages. At Wireless Toyz, shoppers are able to review wireless plans from nationwide providers, conveniently comparing and contrasting mobile programs from Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, Virgin, and other companies.

Founded by entrepreneur and businessman Joe Barbat, Wireless Toyz has grown significantly since its establishment in 1998, due to a profitable business model and a corporate commitment to selling a wide range of brands. Joe Barbat built Wireless Toyz with the intention of giving consumers choice in communication tools, applications, and accessories, all in one location. In addition to carrying a comprehensive line of mobile phones and programs, Wireless Toyz offers satellite television plans from recognized providers, including DirecTV.

CEO and Chairman Joe Barbat has ambitious plans to turn Wireless Toyz back into the nationally recognized name it once was. Found in 15 states across the country, Joe Barbat started Wireless Toyz in a stand-alone kiosk in his father’s video rental store as a teenager. Citing his father as one of the most influential figures in his life, Joe Barbat developed his skills as a self-made business professional from watching and learning from his father, who is himself a lifelong entrepreneur.

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